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New host, new domain, new theme

After this blog was hacked one too many times due to issues with my US-based hosting provider I have finally managed to move the site to a local business. As part of the move I’ve also migrated the domain from The theme has also been updated from the very simple theme I’ve had on this blog since Feb 2008.

It’s been 4 years since my last blog post and I’m now planning to start to post more regularly again.

Stay tuned for a post about a side project regarding data visualisation that I hope to be able to publish in the next month or so.

Change of content

Well it has been over a year since my last post, and in that time a great deal has changed. I moved countries, changed jobs, had a baby boy and bought a house!

Also during the last year my work focus has broadened away from being a Flash and ActionScript specialist. As Digital Director of a local agency I now manage all web projects covering a broad range of technology. This means that the posts I’ve been inspired to write are not really relevant to the existing content of this blog: “ActionScript Scraps”. I have decided to continue blogging here, but will change the tone of the blog with new posts.

From now on I hope to be blogging on a wider variety of topics including all web technologies. Going along with this change I feel it is time for a design refresh which will be happening over the next few weeks.