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Overkill Poster Creator – site launch

House of the Dead – Overkill Poster Creator has just launched.
This site is a ‘poster creator’ (or wallpaper) and enables anyone to design and layout their own poster using an array of incredible assets.
It was an enjoyable build and made all the more easier by the brilliant TransformManager classes availabe from Jack Doyle at

Once you have added your images to the stage you can position on the stage, scale, rotate, change depths and add various colour filter effects (mono, reverse, silhouette) and also a halftone effect. Thanks to Chris Houston for the halftone effect who will blog about this here soon.

After you are happy with your creation and click ‘download’ a jpg is created for you to save. The assets used are amazing and great quality so you can get a wallpaper with dimensions of up to 1680×1050 that looks great.

Create one of your own here:


Design: FLUID –
Development: SKYSKRAPER –
ActionScript: (me) –

New hosting

mt-234x60-lt has just migrated to a new hosting set up at Media Temple.
MT boast of ‘one click’ WordPress installs and it didn’t disappoint. Creating my account and setting up multiple subdomains was very easy. Also installing and importing my WordPress blog from my laptop at home to MT was incredibly easy. I hope that this great service continues!