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TortoiseSVN, PuTTY, MediaTemple, GridServer, WinXP set-up

I just managed to get TortoiseSVN connecting via SSH to my new subversion repository but it wasn’t easy (MediaTemple (gs), Windows XP).
Once the repo had been set-up I could connect via PuTTY without any problems, however trying to get TortoiseSVN to connect proved more difficult.

Here is a great tutorial “How to use TortoiseSVN to access Mediatemple subversion over svn+ssh”, however everything worked for me apart from gaining access via TortoiseSVN. Every time I tried to connect I would get this error message: “Network connection closed unexpectedly.”

Eventually I discovered that the PuTTY Configuration ‘Default Settings’ must not have any user entered data stored in it. The only way I could get this to work is to create a new Saved Sessions value and store my data in there. Also rather than putting my username in with the address (as done in the example above), I entered my username into Connection -> Data -> Auto-login username.


i.e. Settings for new Saved Session:

Session -> Host Name (or IP address) : (##### your gs number)
Connection -> Data -> Auto-login username :

Then using PuTTY + Pageant I was able to connect using TortoiseSVN.

Zooming using transform Matrix

Here is a brilliant post ‘Zooming in Flash & Flex’ on how to use the transform Matrix to zoom and rotate DisplayObjects. Daniel Gasienica writes well and has some great examples demonstrating to correct way to apply these transformations to your clips.
Using this method saves you messing around with the Point class and localToGlobal / globalToLocal methods. This solution is elegant and efficient.

Site launch – portfolio site v3

I’ve just launched my new portfolio site. This is v3.0 of, and takes a more minimalist approach to the design than the previous versions. This site is powered by ActionScript3.0 and XML, and uses some fun BitmapData effects.