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Flash “Allow” webcam button not working – Firefox

I recently came across this problem with a small AR project I was working on. Sometimes the webcam would work, but other times the SWF would seem to freeze when the Webcam Flash Player Settings window would come up. I could still “tab” around the settings window but I couldn’t select the “Allow” button to enable my webcam. This was pretty frustrating until I came across this helpful post on stackoverflow:

It seems that it is a bug within the Flash Player Settings that occurs when the window width isn’t a whole pixel, and the CSS for the window is set to margin auto. With a bit of javascript trickery you can make sure that you won’t have this problem again.

UK Postcode Mapper Firefox extension is now open-source

I have now made the UK Postcode Mapper Firefox extension open source, after a user suggestion on this blog. I initially decided to create this extension as a way to learn more about Firefox and javascript. Since the first build I have updated it twice, but don’t have time to maintain it anymore, so making it open-source makes perfect sense.
The source can be access on github at this location:

The license info is in the README file.
If you would like to get involved in publishing / updating this project at, please email me and I will add you as a new Author.

Useful AS3: Removing Child DisplayObjects

One of the most useful lines of code I have found in AS3 is the following:

while (numChildren > 0) removeChildAt(0)

This removes every child DisplayObject from the DisplayObject you run it on. Very useful for cleaning up after yourself.

Another example:

while (myMc.numChildren > 0) myMc.removeChildAt(0);