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Swf Info : width, height, swf version, actionscript version, framerate

Have a local SWF but no FLA? Need to know the width, height, swf version, actionscript version or framerate?
You can use this tool to load in your SWF and find out everything you need to know.
It works with Flash Movies using ActionScript 2.0 or 3.0 and will tell you instantly all the information you need to know about your SWF.

swfVersion, actionScriptVersion, frameRate, width, height

AIR application – Transcription Tool (MP3 Player)

Recently I had to transcribe some music for a funk cover band that I play in. Transcribing is much easier when you can loop a section of the track and listen to it over and over. This isn’t a feature that any of the media players on my computer have, so I figured I would build an Mp3 player that can do this.

Download Transcription Tool


The Transcription Tool enables you to load in a local mp3 file from your library, and then loop all or a selected part of the track. There is an HSlider component with 2 handles (sliders) so that you can choose whichever part of the tune you like.

This is a standalone desktop application based on Adobe® AIR™ Runtime
Download Transcription Tool

Let me know any feature requests for future versions.

AS2.0 DesignTool

Following up on an earlier post, here is the AS2.0 version of the dragToPosition X & Y coordinate tracer.

class com.sitedaniel.utils.Design
	public static function dragToPosition(mc:MovieClip):Void
		mc.onPress = function():Void
			startDrag(this, false);
		mc.onRelease = function():Void
			trace(this._x + ', ' + this._y);

Handy build tool

Here’s a little tool I recently ported to AS3 that I use quite often to place things on the stage at the correct X and Y positions. This saves you from having to guess X and Y values, and it means you can get objects into place quickly and move on to the next thing.
It makes the passed Sprite draggable, and then on release will trace out the new X and Y positions.

package com.sitedaniel.utils {

	import flash.display.Sprite;

	public class DesignTool {

		 * makes a Sprite draggable,
		 * on MOUSE_UP trace the new X & Y values
		 * @param	s: sprite to be dragged
		public static function dragToPosition(s:Sprite):void {
			s.buttonMode = true;
					function(e:MouseEvent) {;


import com.sitedaniel.utils.DesignTool