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Dead Set launch

The E4 Dead Set site went live on Friday.
The build was enjoyable as there are many interesting video and sound effects.
It is XML driven and uses the BrightCove FLV player and Omniture Tracking.

link update

The new site went live yesterday after two frantic weeks (see previous post). The site is built in AS3.0 and uses RTMP video streaming to stream music video clips. The site also enables users to create playlists which are stored remotely against an ID value from a local cookie. The service is unbelievable fast as vidzone have some serious hosting. I was the lead Flash developer on this project and wrote all the code dealing with streaming, data sending/loading and the framework for the site.

Some of the features are:

  • Search by Artist / Song / Genre
  • Playlists (Featured playlists and user generated playlists)
  • Fullscreen button
  • Proper RTMP streaming